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When we where wanting to create our logo, we wanted something unique. We tried to design something ourselves but couldn't come up with something we liked. We found Brax's page "Truckin' with Brax" and reached out to see if he could design something. When he come back with the design he had created for us, it was everything we wanted. We are so proud of the logo that he created for us. He has pure talent. 
About Brax: 
Brax is a 9yr old local boy who loves to draw and has been drawing since he could hold a pencil in his hand.
His talent was noticed at a early age and his drawings are mostly of trucks. He does most trucks out of his head or often uses a photograph if he is asked to draw someone's truck for them. 
Brax was asked in early February if he would like to draw the logo for the Heyfield Timber Festival. He brainstormed ideas and did a great job bringing it all together. This was such a confident booster for Brax and he still can not believe that the Timber Festival logo was what he had designed. 
He is very passionate about all of his own drawings and about everything to do with trucks. His absolute favorite thing to do is to go in his dads truck with him and hopes to one day buy an old W model to restore with his dad. 
The Heyfield Timber Festival also falls on Brax's birthday so you could just imagine the excitement of attending this amazing event on this day. 

So from everyone in the Heyfield Timber Festival committee we would just like to say Thank you to Brax for his amazing work. 

Link to his Facebook page - 


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